Game Features

Welcome to War Cabinet – Strategy War game set in modern times.

War Cabinet will place you in the army commander`s role during a War that takes place in the late 80s – 90s of XX century. Command forces on strategic and 3D tactical layer.

Define the outcome of the war playing with one of opposing fractions, each having great variety of realistic warfare equipment. Select your favorite fraction, trade and interact with the superpowers and develop great leaders!


Be in charge, choose, develop and train your generals, officers and units, create their personal characteristics. Equip, deploy and command your troops on both air and land!

You will enjoy the warfare economy and dynamic campaign, which will offer real challenges, achievements and random events. You decide how to allocate your precious resources between purchasing of new weapons, commander’s development or warfare building.

The game is planned to be mod friendly. Players will be able to modify many of the game parameters in order to achieve best player experience matching their personal taste. During the development process we will love to hear from you about the game features and how they could bring best possible product for you – the fans.

Get ready for a great player experience with lots of creativity and challenge.

Initial game release will be single player only.

We are using proven Unity Engine for the development of the game. Game will be design to work on:  Windows and Mac