How all started


You were born in an idyllic and nice village in Marutia province.

Only 12 years old you witnessed the horror of the civil war which raged across the country. For six months many frighting and terrifying events happened. Hardest moment came when whole village was burned by unknown soldiers. Left without home your family was scattered north and south looking for a survival.

You desperately have been seeking for shelter, hope and new life. You were scared and lonely wandering through wasteland for days on the edge of survival. One day the path brought you to place known as “The blue eye”. The place is called upon a big lake lying at the foot of the mountain Simar. Indeed the water was blue like the cold spring sky. From there three great rivers are beginning their long journey through the continent. You found save heaven in the mountain caves. However, only two days passed when the fortune seems to turn the wheel. Big military convoy was approaching. You decided to hide in the cave as there was not a better place to go. Soldiers were so numerous spread around the whole area. Soon they found you…

There has been couple of hours since the brutal interrogation has started and everything seemed like an endless nightmare when a man – a General entered the tent to change your life. He ordered the officer and the guards to leave. The General gave you not only his protection in the moment when it was the most needed, but also made you part of his family.

Through the years your savior, the General, guided you to be his successor.

The boy grew up as a man brought in honor, discipline and loyalty. He became a warrior and possibly a future general, just like his great tutor.

In the south lies the country of Ortia, also called The House of Orange, in the north there is Girdia known as The House of Green.

It’s about a time to choose a side, to choose your new house…





35 years later…

Part 2 – Dark clouds in the sky

31st  of May, 1994
You are watching the news and the same topics are being discussed again and again: There is  an escalating tension in Marutia! Mass riots erupted in the big cities and the government seems to be losing control of the situation.

Armed insurgent groups are freely roaming the country. Police stations and governments buildings have been captured and burned. Marutia does not have armed forces to fight back these gangs and anarchy is spreading across the country.

To make things even worse in this delicate situation both Ortia and Girdia claim to be the rightful protector of the people of Marutia and are offering military support.
Each faction started to increase its ties with different superpower.
Large weapons shipments started flowing to Girdia and Ortia.

There is no wonder who engineered this madness!

For centuries the two countries have coexisted peacefully… now the houses are more divided than ever…


You have achieved a brilliant military carrier and you have a wonderful family.
For years you have lived peacefully, but your life will change – you need to change.
… Along with the destiny of many people: countrymen, strangers and enemies…
It looks like a war is coming! It could begin at any moment…

You feel that terrifying feeling – an urge to conquer your mind, but you must stay calm more than ever.

This tremendous pressure could not be described!


23 days later…

Part 3 – Shadows from the past

There are numerous reports of intensifying firefights in Marutia. Most of the country is the hands of the armed insurgent groups. There is no electricity and serious food shortage in all major cities. Marutia’s government is on the edge of collapse. Two major rebel movements started to fight each other clearly supported by the neighboring countries. In this situation all diplomatic efforts to reduce the escalation of violence have failed.

Meanwhile weapons deliveries are increasing flowing into the whole region not without blessing of the superpowers.

Military Camp with fire

In just one week military budged have been increased by 600%. Armed forces of both Girdia and Ortia are put on increased alert. Significant troop movement is observed along the borders.

War Cabinet is formed to deal with the crisis! All high ranking generals are gathered and full mobilization plan is drawn. Because of your experience and years of dedicated service, government appoints you commander-in-chief.

There is challenging time ahead. Many forgotten memories surfaced once again to remind you that the shadows from the past could not be buried deep enough…


48 Hours Later

Part 4: The price of Victory

You haven’t slept much in the last days.

Many unsettled questions are within your head…

How can I best serve my country?

You should not only be excellent military commander, but also you are expected to take the burden to spend scare resources of your country to wage war… instead of these been used for the people and their wellbeing. How this could be balanced? What is really necessary in this dark time?

At times the sense of justice to protect the people from your home growth province overwhelms you, but now your duty is dedicated to another Country.

Which military path will you follow?

How much you are ready to sacrifice in order to win?

Can we bring peace without total destruction?

 Destroyed_City_Concept_02s logo

Probably there are powerful people playing behind the curtains… and they don’t want peace and prosperity? Is it a true evil out there that we need to fight with? Why the truth is always covered by piles of lies? Who do we actually serve? Is it always the same reasons leading to wars? Is it different this time?

What will the future bring us? Are there going to be moments of glory or our deepest nightmares will become a reality?

What a true hero is?


But maybe all will be revealed with time and the choices you make?

Find out what is your outcome at War Cabinet.

10 Hours Later

Part 5: Zero count

Monday 6:10 AM: Violent phone ring quickly disrupted your staring from the endless weapons delivery list. It’s amazing how sounds could influence our mindset, especially when the brain is craving for some sleep.

This was an urgent message from the border sector command: Artillery fire exchange was reported on several occasions in last 3 hours near Marutian’s border.

Why good news is never rushed that way?

First bullet for the today’s agenda with the command staff was written nervously. What led two nations with limited peacekeeping functions, to initiate irreversible bloodbath scene so fast? …Better get that intelligence fast.


One hour later meeting commenced with brief report from junior officer: 3 Killed, 15 wounded over past 4 hours. For milliseconds swift thought frizzed your nerve system.

Once realized that many days will begin with this report made your conscience to tremble.